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Taxidermy Course Description

All taxidermy courses are designed to teach the individual the most comprehensive taxidermy training available. Courses are taught by demonstration of each point of course content and supervised to demonstrate and complete the various taxidermy techniques.
Techniques are based on quality and details, not quantity and speed. You will be learning by "hands on experience". Through this process
you will achieve the perfection needed to become a successful taxidermist.

Small class sizes for personalized attention.
1 to 4 teacher to student ratio and many times 2 to 4 ratio.
Call to schedule and design a class to your needs.

bring your mounts back to life!

Taxidermy Workshops

The ongoing Taxidermy Workshops are designed for the first timer, someone that has mounted a few specimens, but would like to rebuild confidence and learn some new techniques to the more advanced student. The workshops are ongoing throughout the year and allow students to break up the training.
(See Workshop Calendar for workshop dates).

All workshops are designed to meet our student's busy schedules. Many classes are run on a monthly bases and workshop dates can be overlapped from one month to another. They are also designed to be ongoing training for our 4 week class students.

4 Week Taxidermy Class

This 4 week course is designed to teach the individual all the fine
points of taxidermy.

(See Class Calendar for class dates).

During this 4 week course, you will mount:

• 2 Birds
• 2 Fish
• 1 Life size mammal
• 1 Game head
• 1 Antler plaque
• 1 Rug

You will also learn freeze-drying and dioramas, tanning and shaving,
and how to set up your own in-house tannery.

Upon completion of this course, you will have 8 quality examples for your showroom to begin your new business in the exciting world of taxidermy.

Taxidermy Procedures

Procedures covered will include:
Specimen grading and selection, capping and fleshing, salting, coding, washing, tanning, measuring, form selection, form construction and alterations, mounting, proper drying procedures, and finish work.You will be thoroughly trained in airbrush painting techniques.

You will learn to add that finishing touch to make your mounts "come alive"!

Base making and habitat are an important part of the finished product. You will learn Freeze-drying methods and dioramas. Learn how to make rocks, water, snow, dew, icicles and more.

By achieving the process of bringing your mounts
"back to life", you will gain many satisfied new and repeat customers.

You will be taught important business procedures, such as, how state and federal laws effect various aspects of commercial taxidermy.

We will provide you with a list of quality taxidermy supplies and effective products.

For more information email us at:
taxidermy@stoneyhills.com or call us at:







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