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Additional Information

North American School of Taxidermy is located on 425 acres of private property near the Brainerd Lakes Area. We are surrounded (literally) by over 3000 acres of Minnesota Nature Conservancy and DNR Scientific and Natural Area, making it a great place to do wildlife photography, hike, or cross- country ski. Lake Alexander is located less than 1/4 a mile from the school and Fishtrap Lake and Shamineau Lake are only a few minutes drive. Most important, this remote area is an excellent location for those students that wish to have maximum learning time without interruptions.

During the summer months we have onsite RV sites for students.

Also a 3-D Archery Target Range.

Onsite Facilities

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At the present time we teach our classes in our new onsite training facility, built specifically for student training. We also take full advantage our newly remodeled commercial taxidermy building which houses our Showroom, Freeze dryer, Drop off and Pick up area.

We have an in-house tannery which is invaluable when learning all aspects of the taxidermy field. We own and operate a Freeze Dry Company Model 3600 Freeze Dryer. This unit Is available exclusively to past and current students. We will instruct Freeze Drying Processes for small mammals and fish.

Another asset to our training facility is the 20 acres of study pens available for photography. We have been raising Trophy Elk for the past 15 years and are in the process of expanding to other exotics.


For more information email us at:
taxidermy@stoneyhills.com or call us at:




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