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Stoney Hills Taxidermy Mounts for Sale




Additional Taxidermy Mounts For Sale
(no photos - please call for photos or complete description)


B&C 251" Life size White Tail Deer/ jumping fence post barbwire - left side out Item # 510

Caribou shoulder mount-Customer's/Todd Nagel Item # 512

iElk shoulder mount/90 degree left turn Item # 519

Rhino replica shoulder mount Item # 520

1 each Open mouth Black Bear/ right turn on oak panel Item # 528

Grey Fox lying on rock ledge/ wall mount Item # 530

Red Fox standing on dirt/snow scene/ wall mount Item # 531

Pan Fish under ice ledge Item # 532

Impala shoulder pedestal on plaque/ wall mount Item # 534

Moulfon sheep life size Item # 535

Sheep shoulder/wolly Item # 537

2 Squirrel life-size on branch/ wall mount Item # 539

W.T. Shoulder mount/ big sheds Item # 542

Turkey Gobbling on tree branch Item # 543

Otter life-size laying on base/wall mount Item # 546

5' Black bear rug/triple color felt Item # 562

5' Black bear rug/ charcoal and black felt/Neyens Item # 563

Lynx life-size sitting on Driftwood and walnut ovall Item # 564

Wolf life size/black-front elevated looking into room-rock ledge (in progress) Item # 565

Wolf life-size/ grey- lying down chewing on moose antler(in progress) Item # 566

Bobcat leaping at Grouse Item # 567

B&C 251 Montana Mystery Life-size Whitetail Replica jumping fence/ wall mount/left side out Item # 568

Black squirrel climbing on branch Item # 569

Antler Plaques different sizes available Item # 570

Elk Antler Sheds/ assorted sizes available Item # 571

Whitetail and Elk Skulls Item # 572

Elk spike shoulder/wall mount Item # 573

Antelope Shoulder/ wall mount Item # 574

Whitetail buck 177 1/8 BC shoulder on panel/ wall mount/real antlers Item # 575

Replica King Salmon/wall mount Item # 576

Sailfish/wall mount Item # 577

King Salmon on driftwood/wall mount Item # 578

Crappie scene/wall mount Item # 579

Musky Replica/ wall mount Item # 580

Largemouth Bass on drift wood/ wall mount Item # 581

Rainbow Trout on driftwood/ wall mount Item # 582

Bobcat Lying on Moose Antler (in progress) Item #583

Arctic Grayling on Driftwood Item # 584

Stringer of Fish on panel/ wall mount Item # 585

Bobcat on rock ledge with Ermine in mouth (in progress) Item # 586

Misc. Fish/ call

Animal Skins/ call







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