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Student References

March 11, 2009

Hi Randy, Well I just got back from the state wrestling tournament, I know alot of people look at this site, I was looking for a sign for my front yard from a guy from Pennsylvania,that does taxidermy to, and he seen the pictures on the site and said they look really good, I've been to a few other schools in the last several years, but by far this has been the best, I learned alot of new ways to improve myself, Randy is an excellent teacher, and keeps you busy from the time you walk into the door, and until you go home, I would like to thank you Randy and your staff for giving me a chance to learn from you's, I would reccommend this school to anyone that is interested in taxidermy.

if anyone needs a reference, my name is Tim Spychalla,Browerville MN, 320-594-2230


I just wanted to thank Randy for the highest quality of instruction in the art of taxidermy that you could ask for. Randy is a Master taxidermist in a league of his own. If you want to learn from the best and come out with high quality specimens, you need to attend Stoney Hills Taxidermy School. You get one-on-one instruction, instruction to set you apart from your competitors. Stoney Hills will make you a better taxidermist than you ever thought imagineable. You will not find a place with a better atmosphere, working conditions, or amentities than Stoney Hills. One of the best investments i've made, and I know I wouldn't have learned what I did anywhere else! Thanks again to Randy, Stan, Rob, Joe & Morgan. It was a pleasure!

Dan Oldham- Crosshairs Taxidermy, Fargo, ND


September 29, 2008

One year later I have finally got on this posting. I am Jeff Hopper. I received my training from Randy at Stoneyhills. The school experience was great for me because of the one on one experience. Randy pays close attention to what is going to make your animals stand out from the others. I liked the fact that Randy brought in "specialist" in the fish and bird industry to add to the class. The facilities are great for the school and not too bad of a vacation from Texas.

One year later, I have opened my own business and it has been running for a year. Things are getting easier, but I felt like I was prepared enough from the school to start on my own. Even now, Randy is available for questions. I recommend this school to all who are wanting to be trained in taxidermy, you wont regret it.

Jeff Hopper


September 17, 2008

I recently completed the 4 week taxidermy training program at Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy in Cushing, Minnesota. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in acquiring the skills necessary to become a successful taxidermist give Randy Hamson a call. Randy and his staff go out of their way to make sure you understand the principles and applications used in the field of taxidermy. Like most potential students, I went into the training with a very limited knowledge of taxidermy, but left Stoney Hills with the confidence and ability to start my own studio which I have already  done since completing the training course less than a month ago. If anyone has any questions regarding the Stoney Hills Taxidermy School, please feel free to give me a call at 812-350-2851.

Pat Caudill
Big Creek Taxidermy
Columbus, Indiana


May 17 , 2008

To all aspiring Taxidermists, My name is Bart Harrison and I just recently completed Randy Hamson's 4 week taxidermy class. For many years I had been wanting to learn taxidermy. I knew nothing about taxidermy prior to attending Randy's school and left with 8 museum quality specimens! Each of my 8 specimens were of instructor quality and in my opinion could be award winning! Randy is a perfectionist,the instruction is at all times 1 on 1, and the setting is a relaxed one. To know nothing of taxidermy and leave after 4 weeks with museum quality specimens speaks volumes about this great school! As beautiful as the pictures look of my mounts--they look even more beautiful in person!

Sincerely, Bart Harrison,New York


May 12 , 2008

I attended the April 2008 class at Stoney Hills. I've been wanting to attend a taxidermy school most of my life and after 32 years in the military I was finally able to attend. I did a lot of research and finally chose Stoney Hills. What a great choice! I learned more about the art of taxidermy in 30 days than I thought possible. Every aspect of the class is extremely informative. I was amazed how fast each day seemed to go. I highly recommend Stoney Hills to anyone looking for a great taxidermy school. If anyone is looking for references Randy you can sure have them contact me. Thank you very much for the great experience.

Rob Severance


April 27 , 2008

My name is Andy and I recently finished school at Stoney Hills School of taxidermy . I was extremely satisfied with the hands on learning and attention I received from Randy. We were taken step by step through the processes involved in mounting fish, game heads, birds, life size mammals, and more Randy was right there to answer all of my questions. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning the art of taxidermy. I had a lot of fun in the class and learned more than I thought was possible. Randy Hamson is one of the best and he is a excellent teacher. Thanks Randy

Andrew Pietron


March 03 , 2008

I would like to thank Randy Hamson, Master Taxidermist, and his staff of Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy for his instruction in the last month. I enrolled in Randy's class in February of 2008 without having any previous experience in taxidermy. The class was an awesome learning experience and I feel I have a great foundation to build on. During the four weeks of class, I completed eight mounts, giving me a well rounded understanding of the different areas of taxidermy. The mounts included; 1 whitetail shoulder mount, 1 antler plaque, 1 duck, 1 upland bird, 1 rug, 2 fish, and 1 lifesize small mammal. This also included instruction on air brush painting and habitat and base building.
You want small class sizes with individualized attention?? Stoney Hills has exactly that. I was in a class of four students and three instructors (Randy and two assistants, Joe Achman and Morgan Barrowcliff). Any time I had a question, there was always someone there to answer them. Randy always goes the extra mile to make sure we are getting what we need to be successful. For example, Randy brings in two other taxidermist, specializing in birds and fish respectively, to teach those areas. Also, Randy provides all the tools you will need while enrolled in his class. There was never a time when we needed a tool and didn't have it readily available. I would HIGHLY reccommend Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy to anyone interested in learning the art of taxidermy. Once again, THANK YOU to Randy and his staff for sharing all your knowledge and experience!!!

-Joe Van Heel


March 02 , 2008

I would like to give a special thanks to Master Taxidermist Randy Hamson at Stoney Hills Taxidermy for all his hard work this last month. I am currently a fulltime police officer and was looking for something else to do as a side job. I attended the February class at Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy and had an excellent time. When I decided I wanted to go to a taxidermy school I had to find one. I was worried about making the right decision which school to attend. I met with Randy at the school and knew i wanted to attend his school. I can honestly say it was worth every dollar spent on the class. A month ago i had no clue about taxidermy and now i have a great foundation for fish, birds, life size mammals, and game heads, ect. If you are considering a school to learn taxidermy I would recommend Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy.

Thank You Joe and Morgan for all the help during the class also.

Dan Kruchowski


August 08, 2007

Having the opportunity to work with randy was one of a kind. I recommend this coarse to anyone who wishes to get started in taxidermy. Not only did I learn alot but, i had the most fun that i could possibly have. He really went above and beyond all other teachers. I couldnt have asked for anything better. I just dont see how you can learn what i learned in the same amount of time with 10 other people in the class. the low student to teacher ratio was perfect along with many other things in the class. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone wishing to pursue this career. ;D.

Marc Gaines


August 06, 2007

I am writing this letter of recommendation in Support of Stoney Hills Taxidermy School, owned and operated by Randy Hamson. Two years ago I was looking for a career change, I began looking for a Taxidermy School. I researched many different schools and choose Stoney Hills because I felt it best met my needs and career goals. The school has a strong focus on the basics of Taxidermy, and expanded courses on subjects of interest.
I was able to recieve personalized attention from Randy suited for what I wanted to do after school. Rand spent time on details, tips, and techniques that matter in the competitive taxidermy business today. In an advance course on competitve mounting Randy taught more involved techniques that are not normally used in comercial mounting. Randy also offers after school support, he is always willing to answer questions and lend an ear.
After attending Stoney Hills Taxidermy School, I not only feel totally comfortable with customer demands but I also am totally confident in entering taxidermy competitions, competing with the best in the business. I have pride in my own work knowing that I have learned from a true master of the art of taxidermy. I would recommend Stoney Hills Taxidermy School to anyone who wants to learn taxidermy.

Scott Yliniemi


March 16, 2007

I just finished up a Taxidermy class at Stoney Hills School Of Taxidermy, "http://www.stoneyhills.com". I highly recommend this class. There was allot of teacher student time. I felt like I got everything and more than what I was expecting. He does awesome work and does everything he can to make your work turn out great. Ill post a picture of the work that I did in the one month class. Ill post some pictures of the work that im doing right now at Stoney Hills School Of Taxidermy in the future.
Check out the school at, www.stoneyhills.com

Morgan Barrowcliff
Homer, Alaska







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