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Pre Hunt Services

Before the Hunt: Whether it’s a once in a lifetime hunt or one of your favorite excursion, some pre-hunt planning can ensure your trip will go off with out a hitch. Let us help you get your trophies home without the worry and headaches. Contact us at taxidermy@stoneyhills.com or call 320-749-2128 and we will send customized tags with all of the necessary information printed on them. The information includes your personal dossier, customs brokerage of your chose, and Stoney Hills Taxidermy info needed to ship your trophies. Attach one tag to each skin, skull and set of horns that are being shipped.

Trophies from within the USA: Be sure the items being sent are properly preserved (call with questions). Wrap the salted hides in burlap or cloth, any moisture trapped in a plastic bag may cause irreparable hair slipping, or spoiling of the hide. Please enclose a letter stating the following:

Full Name
Complete Address
Daytime Telephone
Hunting Licence Number
Tag Number or Seal Number
Fax Number
Email Address

Make sure that every package is carefully addressed and that your name and return address appear on the outside of the package. If the contents are perishable or need immediate attention upon arrival, mark package accordingly.

Trophies from outside the USA: The customs brokerage will handle the importation of your trophies. They will contact you when your trophies have arrived to the USA. We recommend using Fauna and Flora Customhouse Brokerage
Co., 152-31 135th Ave. , Jamaica , New York 11434, or phone 718-977-7700 and ask for John Meehan. The broker will complete any required documentation to release your trophies for shipment. After receiving payment for their service they will ship your trophies to our studio.

Alaska Trophies: Our studio uses Alpha Fur Dressers, 1901 W. 48th, Anchorage, Alaska 99517, phone (907) 868-3227. They are located within miles of the Anchorage airport. They will make arrangements for pick up and expedite them to us.

Arrival to Stoney Hills Taxidermy: When the shipment arrives in our studio, we will do an inventory of all items received. We will then contact you to inform you of the arrival and finalize the details for your work of a

Comply with all game laws and Federal Regulations





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