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North American School of Taxidermy

Please contact us for tuition on our taxidermy course.

4 Week Taxidermy Class

This taxidermy course includes the completion of 8 finished pieces which are: 2 birds, 2 fish, 1 life size mammal, 1 game head, 1 antler plaque, and 1 rug.

In addition to the tuition fee, you will need to figure into your budget the cost of: capes, hides, forms, other supplies, food, and housing. We have provided an itemized Expense Page to help you estimate your additional expenses. Even though these are approximate prices, you will get an idea of what your total expenses will be.

You are welcome to bring your own horns/ antlers, frozen fish, birds, and tanned capes/ hides to save on the final cost.




Log book, paint schedules, tanning recipes, processes for skinning and fleshing of birds, mammals , fish and, more included in tuition by school.






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